2015-16 DPAC General Meetings:


Wednesday September 23, 2015

A forum to encourage open discussion to help DPAC determine our priorities for meeting topics and DPAC activities for the 2015-2016 school year. What would Surrey PACs and parents like to see from their DAPC this year and how can DPAC most effectively engage with Surrey parents? Please come out and participate in this meeting. More details to follow.

Wednesday October 28, 2015

PAC 101

A general overview of how to run a school PAC from finances and budgeting to how to run an effective meeting. It is a great opportunity for PAC reps to network and share strategies as well as get some input about their specific PAC related questions and concerns.

 November 25, 2015, Topic TBA

January 27, 2016- Topic TBA

February 24, 2016- Topic TBA

April 27, 2016- Topic TBA

May 25, 2016 (general meeting and AGM)

Note that this year’s meeting topics will be determined from the input from the September parent forum so please come out on September 23rd!

May 27 , 2015

Topics – Annual General Meeting

DPAC’s AGM is next week – Wednesday, May 27th. We will be presenting our annual report, and voting on a new board of directors. As always, nominations will be accepted from the floor, but we will be starting a list in advance as well, so we encourage interested parents to email us in the coming days.

Guest: Deputy Superintendent Surrey School’s Rick Ryan

A Message from your DPAC

DPAC directors met with the Board of Education in the last week of April. We highlighted district wide parent concerns and asked the Board to act and advocate on those concerns on behalf of parents.  Unfortunately ongoing capital and operational funding shortfalls once again topped the list along with parents desire for an expansion of programs of choice.

Would you like to serve on the DPAC Board?

As DPAC directors we are looking ahead to the next school year. As part of this, our last general meeting, which takes place on May 27th, will be our AGM. While Deputy Superintendent Rick Ryan will be there to provide a synopsis of the past year and get parent feedback on the district’s vision moving forward, we will also present our annual report and ask for nominations and hold elections for a new board of directors for the next school year.

Parent advisory councils throughout the district are responsible for nominating parents they believe can fill this important leadership role. We encourage PACs to give serious thought to naming candidates. An executive representative of a member PAC must provide us with a letter of endorsement for their nominee. If your PAC wishes to nominate a parent for the DPAC board of directors, contact Peter Johal or Nancy Peirce. Please note that, under our bylaws, nominations can still be made from the floor. If you have any questions on the role of a director or the process of election, please feel free to email any current DPAC director.

In order to put forward a nomination or vote at the AGM, your school PAC must be registered with us. If you are not sure if your PAC is registered, please go to our website, complete the registration form and bring it with you to the AGM. (There is no cost but according to our bylaws, we must have a registration form completed each year indicating that the current PAC executive for your school wishes to receive correspondence from and participate in voting at DPAC meetings)

We look forward to welcoming you to our AGM at the District Education Centre, 14033 92nd avenue at 6:45 on May 27th and we wish you all a great summer!


Peter Johal                 Linda Stromberg
Co-President              Co-President
Surrey DPAC              Surrey DPAC

District Education Centre

14033 92 Avenue, Surrey

Boardroom (2nd Floor)

Registration: 6:45 p.m.

Meeting starts: 7:00 p.m.

Refreshments Provided

“Every parent is welcome. Please bring a friend”

Parents helping parents learn more about our education system 

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